Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1173: Extraordinary


Hajime no Ippo is back with another epic chapter! Ippo is continuing to work on his new version of the Dempsey Roll. It seems to be coming along nicely and he looks stronger than ever but it’s hard to really gauge his improvements until we see him spar against a strong opponent. In this chapter we have two major developments. The first is a conversation held between Ippo and Takamura about the correlation between loneliness and greatness. Ippo thinks Takamura is lonely because he’s so focused on reaching his goals that he won’t let other people in or even attempt to let them understand his feelings or mindset. But, in Takamura’s eyes there is no reason to try to explain anything because the only people who will truly understand the goal he is reaching for are people who have reached that goal themselves. His best quote to me is “Don’t call a place we all aim for some shit like lonely…..call it extraordinary.” The next big development in this chapter is that Takamura will be defending his two belts in a fight very soon as the main event, and the semi-final match will be Ippo’s return match after his loss to Gonzales! Final Rating: 8/10

A New Favorite Added to the List


So, a couple days ago I came across this random anime titled Golgo 13. The thing that got me interested immediately was the synopsis of the story. Basically Golgo 13 is a professional assassin, but more than that he’s in a completely different league than everyone else when it comes to shooting guns, especially sniping from long distance. His code name is Golgo 13 and that’s all we know about him. His past is a mystery and so is the reason why he never shakes hands or lets anyone look at his back. Golgo is such an elite sniper he’s known as a man who can make the impossible happen and he never fails a job. He has a certain set of rules his clients must follow if he accepts their job offer, and if they break any of these rules they will be eliminated. I’m not a huge shounen fan anymore so bloody intense stories filled with death like these are really amazing to me! If you want an action packed blood and gore filled series to watch then I highly recommend this show. They have a movie about Golgo 13 that I haven’t watched yet, but once I do I’ll definitely review it with another post. Final Rating: 8.5/10

Fairy Tail Always Wastes its Potential

This video is a great summary of my feelings on the way Fairy Tail sets up up great things in the manga/anime but always ruins it one way or another. Natsu really called zeref “big bro” after everything he’s done. Terrible writing in my opiion but it’s not something I didn’t expect from shounen manga especially Fairy Tail.


This is a scene from Major one of the anime in my last post about sports anime. Goro Shigeno vs his arch rival Gibson Jr. a true battle of heavyweights in America’s pastime!

Sports Anime!

Sports Anime are interesting because you either love them or hate them for the most part. Personally some of my favorite Anime are of the sports genre. Each of these shows deserves there own post but since there are a lot I’ll just do them all on this one. The names of these shows are: Eyeshield 21 (Football), Haikyuu! (Volleyball), Hajime no Ippo (Boxing), Slam Dunk (Basketball), Major (Baseball).

Nothing Wrong with Romance.

Inuyasha is a favorite of mine because I grew up watching it. The main villain is epic and there a lot of cool characters as well. One thing I really like about this series is the romance aspect in it. A lot of shows avoid romance because they might think it’ll be bad if they include it in a poor manner. Inuyasha does a fairly good job in my opinion with the romance between Inuyasha and Kagome (even though she can be annoying at times). Give it a shot if you’ve never seen it. Girls usually love it but there are plenty of fights for the boys too!


Shin (Kingdom Manga)

One of my favorite characters of all time from one of my favorite manga of all time. Shin has huge dreams to go from a slave to the greatest general in history. Check this manga out ASAP if you like tactical war strategies and lots of blood and gore.shin