A New Favorite Added to the List


So, a couple days ago I came across this random anime titled Golgo 13. The thing that got me interested immediately was the synopsis of the story. Basically Golgo 13 is a professional assassin, but more than that he’s in a completely different league than everyone else when it comes to shooting guns, especially sniping from long distance. His code name is Golgo 13 and that’s all we know about him. His past is a mystery and so is the reason why he never shakes hands or lets anyone look at his back. Golgo is such an elite sniper he’s known as a man who can make the impossible happen and he never fails a job. He has a certain set of rules his clients must follow if he accepts their job offer, and if they break any of these rules they will be eliminated. I’m not a huge shounen fan anymore so bloody intense stories filled with death like these are really amazing to me! If you want an action packed blood and gore filled series to watch then I highly recommend this show. They have a movie about Golgo 13 that I haven’t watched yet, but once I do I’ll definitely review it with another post. Final Rating: 8.5/10


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