Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1173: Extraordinary


Hajime no Ippo is back with another epic chapter! Ippo is continuing to work on his new version of the Dempsey Roll. It seems to be coming along nicely and he looks stronger than ever but it’s hard to really gauge his improvements until we see him spar against a strong opponent. In this chapter we have two major developments. The first is a conversation held between Ippo and Takamura about the correlation between loneliness and greatness. Ippo thinks Takamura is lonely because he’s so focused on reaching his goals that he won’t let other people in or even attempt to let them understand his feelings or mindset. But, in Takamura’s eyes there is no reason to try to explain anything because the only people who will truly understand the goal he is reaching for are people who have reached that goal themselves. His best quote to me is “Don’t call a place we all aim for some shit like lonely…..call it extraordinary.” The next big development in this chapter is that Takamura will be defending his two belts in a fight very soon as the main event, and the semi-final match will be Ippo’s return match after his loss to Gonzales! Final Rating: 8/10


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