Shin (Kingdom Manga)

One of my favorite characters of all time from one of my favorite manga of all time. Shin has huge dreams to go from a slave to the greatest general in history. Check this manga out ASAP if you like tactical war strategies and lots of blood and gore.shin

Gon vs Pitou! Top 5 Anime Fight Ever?!

Greatness is all I can say about this! From the sacrifice that allowed Gon to pull off this transformation to the fight that follows after. PURE GREATNESS!

Yu Yu Hakusho is EPIC! Yoshihiro Togashi is a genius mangaka!

This is an epic fight from my favorite anime of ALL TIME! Yusuke vs Toguro was so personal for both sides! This is only one of a hand full of anime that I can tolerate in English dub. I actually prefer the dub over the sub when it comes to YYH which is saying something!